Floodplain Management Program

We are excited to announce that O’Brien County is a new participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Over the past few years, O’Brien County has been working through the steps to establish a new floodplain management program.   The O’Brien County Board of Supervisors have approved an O’BRIEN COUNTY FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE.  The provisions of this ordinance shall apply to all lands and development within the jurisdiction of unincorporated O’Brien County which have significant flood hazards.  The Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for O’Brien County and Incorporated Areas, dated December 17, 2020, which were prepared as part of the O’Brien County Flood Insurance Study, shall be used to identify such flood hazard areas.

O'Brien County Iowa - Flood plain Ordinance

Floodplain Development Application - O'Brien County IA

The O’Brien County Environmental Health Specialist (Jonathon Hintz) will be overseeing the Floodplain Management Administrator duties.

O’Brien County Floodplain Management Administrator:  Contact Information

O’Brien County Environmental Health
Jonathon Hintz
Environmental Health Specialist
155 South Hayes, PO Box 525
Primghar, IA 51245

Phone: 712.957.0105
Fax: 712.957.0115
Cell: 712.261.0661

Email: jhintz@obriencounty.iowa.gov






National Flood Insurance Program